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What wrist band colors are available?
We offer wrist bands in six (6) colors: pink, blue, purple, apple green, silver, and orange.

What are the inscriptions on each wrist band and what do they support?
The following are the wrist band inscriptions and what each represents:
  • Pink: 'Making Strides Every Day' in support of breast cancer

  • Blue: 'Fear Nothing' in support of colon cancer

  • Purple: 'Celebrate Hope' to celebrate Relay For Life and all of the American Cancer Society's live-saving programs and services

  • Apple Green: 'Fuerza y Esperanza' ('Strength and Hope' in Spanish) to support efforts to relieve the burden of cancer in the Spanish-speaking communities

  • Silver: 'I AM STRONG' to honor cancer survivors and those undergoing treatment.

  • Orange: 'Livefree. Smokefree.' in support of a tobacco-free lifestyle.
What is the minimum amount of wrist bands I can get?
There is a minimum of five (5) wrist bands per color.

Can I get 1 of each color for a total of 5 wrist bands?
No — there is a minimum of five (5) wrist bands per color. For example, when you select both pink and purple wrist bands, your total will be 10 wrist bands, 5 of each color.

What are the quantities of wrist bands I can get?
The wrist bands are available in quantities of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, 100, and 250. For quantities other than listed above, please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the Contact Us page, or by phone at 1-(888)-556-6402 (TOLL FREE).

I'd like to request as many as several thousand wrist bands. Can I do that?
Yes. Please contact us at the information listed above, and we will accommodate your request based on availability.

What are the wrist band dimensions?
Adult size wrist band dimensions:
Circumference: 7.88 in
Width: 0.46 in
Thickness: 0.075 in

What does my money support?
By wearing our wrist bands, you support the American Cancer Society's mission of eliminating the burden of cancer through lifesaving research, education, advocacy, and patient and family programs and services in New York and New Jersey.

Can I pay by check or money order?
Yes. Please print out your cart page and include it with your check or money order for the exact amount that appears on your page, including shipping, to:

The American Cancer Society Wrist Bands
344 S Warren St
Suite 201
Syracuse, NY 13202

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Please visit the Shipping page to find out about shipping costs.